It Rains


The Stories In Between

So delicate, the rain, when it comes
I can feel it, swelling, pressure rising
Like a vise, slowly tightening, overcast
The puckered, starved earth, waiting
For the quenching, bathing of life
The slow approach, anticipation from the west
Skies brimming with retribution
If you stop, take a moment, close your eyes
You can feel as everything around you
Trembles inside
The first drops stain the concrete outside my window
Pulling me from my chair, tempting with the memory
Of a small child dancing between the rain drops
But I’ve no time for that now, I’d rather stand back
Watch, from the safety of what confines me
Ignorant of the storm brewing within these walls
Peering at the clouds, wondering to myself
How long until this too shall pass

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