Shades of gray

“In the beginning it was all black and white

-Maureen O’Hara


Black and white, right and wrong, left and right. The contradictions and stark contrasts of the extremes but what about the gray? What about those quiet spaces in the middle? Overlooked and frequently unobserved by the rushing souls who cling to an ideal of light vs dark but close their eyes to the twilight.

Who decides what is right or wrong? By whose scales are we weighed? By what standards are we measured? The principles instilled in us at such young ages by individuals who could not understand their own souls. That is what is used as the measuring stick. That is the standard that is passed down generation after generation. That is the pattern that has been cut and stamped and used until it is crumpled and worn, patches covering the ragged tears.

Let’s break apart the mold and start living in the gray, let’s tear wide open the straight jackets that have bound us for so long. Let’s accept each other with absolutely no boundaries and love every single beautiful fucking soul on this colorful wild earth. Stop withholding love as punishment for not conforming to the “norm,” stop the pattern of pain and anger and hate. It’s time to be done fearing our differences and delight in them instead, there are billions of fantastically unique individuals on this earth, clearly, we were never meant to be the same.

I will no longer be following the template of black and white, I will no longer be trimming my frayed edges to fit the pattern of a broken society. I will love and accept every single soul who may flow in or out of my life, no judgments, no walls, no holding back.

The blues and greens of a restless ocean, the yellows and oranges and purples of wildflowers bending in a scented wind, those will be the colors of my élan vital. And gray, yes, I will embrace the beautiful, infinite variations of gray.


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